BG3’s Angelic Slumber is completely useless with NPCs around

Stephanie Zucarelli
Dame Aylin in BG3

Baldur’s Gate 3 NPCs will stop at nothing to help you in a fight, but as evidenced by the use of Angelic Slumber in an Honour Mode run, sometimes this mechanic can backfire completely.

If there’s something I learned playing Baldur’s Gate 3, it’s that getting potions sorted before heading into a boss fight is crucial. While stocking up on Healing Elixirs and Potions of Speed is a no-brainer, I thought that storing options like Angelic Slumber was also a great way to save an NPC when all else fails.

When any member of your party uses the Angelic Slumber potion, they will fall asleep for two rounds. You have to make sure to defend the character’s lifeless body from any incoming attacks during that time, but when they wake up, they receive all the effects of a Long Rest.

This potion is hard enough to use successfully in an Honour Mode run, and it gets even harder knowing that allied NPCs can’t tolerate watching you sleep in the middle of a fight.

This was pointed out by Baldur’s Gate 3 players during the Myrkul fight in Act 2. Dame Aylin couldn’t stop herself from waking up Gale after he fell under the effects of the Angelic Slumber.

Apostle of Myrkul
The Apostle of Myrkul fight is deemed to be one of the hardest fights in the game.

“All Gale needed was 2 turns without getting hit. But Aylin runs over to him and SHOVES GALE, nullifying the potion. A few turns later, I try again while she’s fighting necromites, and she breaks off to run over and SHOVE GALE AGAIN,” described a player.

Players confirmed that allied NPCs prioritize helping characters and that falling under the effects of the Angelic Slumber counts as being downed while fighting. They won’t even stop if you cast Sanctuary to avoid being attacked before drinking the potion.

“Friendly NPCs will pretty much always do that in combat. The AI prioritizes waking you up, and the game makes no distinction between being put to sleep by an enemy and putting yourself to sleep with a potion. So you can’t really use those potions in any fight where you have AI-controlled allies,” explained a fan.

Unless Larian Studios release a hotfix to fix this interaction, or at least Act 2 elevators, it’ll be another issue to watch out for in Honour Mode runs. For now, I’ll save the Angelic Slumber potion to use in a different fight.