Baldur’s Gate 3 player reveals trick to pass Mirror of Loss Religion check every time

Emily Stander
The Mirror of Loss in Baldur's Gate 3

Shadowheart’s story in Baldur’s Gate 3 will take you to the House of Grief where you find yourself face-to-face with Shar. You can find the Mirror of Loss here, too, and one player has found a method that guarantees you pass its Religion check. 

The House of Grief is in Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3, and the Mirror of Loss can be found once you have navigated through the difficult fight against Viconia DeVir. 

Specifically, after you have found Shadowheart’s parents and have helped her to make an important decision, you will have the chance to use the Mirror of Loss. The Mirror has a high Religion and Arcana check, but if you pass them, you can get some nice rewards. 

In Honour Mode, players have found that it’s almost a guarantee that you will fail the Religion check, and you shouldn’t count on it. One player, though, has found a way to navigate around this issue. 

In a post on Reddit titled “You can guarantee the Mirror of Loss Religion check in Act 3,” ‘Historical_Age_9921’ shared their foolproof method to get past the difficult DC. 

Here is how they did it: 

  1. Respec your character to a Cleric if you aren’t playing one already. 
  2. Take proficiency in Religion, make your Intelligence at least 16, and pick the Guidance Cantrip
  3. Multiclass to Rogue on Level 2 with an expertise in Religion
  4. Put the rest of your levels into Rogue and push your Intelligence to 20
  5. Take a Bard with you in your party. 
  6. Do the check at the Mirror of Loss with Guidance and Bardic Inspiration

The OP then explained that if you don’t want to keep your character like this, you can return to Withers and change back to whatever build you want while keeping the buff you get from the Mirror of Loss. 

Other Baldur’s Gate 3 players in the comments shared the ways they also managed to pass the check, including changing the way you respec your character if you choose this method. 

“You can just have the Rogue take the Skilled feat at Level 4 for Religion proficiency and then get expertise in it at Level 6,” one player explained. “Use remaining feats (all three since no multi-classing) on Int ASI & Lucky (because why not).”

Once you pass the checks to use the Mirror of Loss, you can sacrifice memories to get a +2 in an Ability Score of your choosing. Be warned, though, that you will also get a -2 for a chosen Ability Score beforehand too, but you can get rid of this through Remove Curse. 

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