Baldur’s Gate 3 player explains why you should actually save ‘evil’ character

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The Emperor and Orpheus in Baldur's Gate 3

The Emperor in Baldur’s Gate 3 is possibly one of the most divisive characters, and some players argue that you should make sure you save him in your playthrough. The reason why, though, may not be what you think.

The Mindflayers of Baldur’s Gate 3 are seen as one of the ‘big bads’ throughout most of the game. From the beginning, you and your party are desperate to get rid of the illithid influence in your minds and stop the Absolute. That is until you find out that your Dream Visitor is a Mindflayer himself, and everything changes. 

For some players, wanting to kill Mindflayers and get rid of the tadpole is the obvious choice. For others, though, it’s not quite so simple

Baldur’s Gate 3 player argues why you should save The Emperor

Using the Baldur’s Gate 3 book “On Psionic Manipulations and Countermeasures,” Reddit user ‘RedRonnieAT’ argued why it’s the better choice to try and save The Emperor

“Now, before you hit me with the pitchforks, let me make it clear – I’m not saying he’s a saint. And I’m not going to say he is perfect. But, let’s delve into why you should still save and work with him,” they said. 

The post itself is quite long, but the gist of it was that The Emperor was merely following the true nature of what it means to be a Mindflayer. They are ruthless, honest, and go for what they want at any cost. That doesn’t mean that what they want is bad, though, and they shouldn’t be killed for it with no forethought. 

The ultimate reason that the OP believes The Emperor should be saved in Baldur’s Gate 3, however, is that he has your back no matter what. 

“Actions define loyalty, and The Emperor’s consistent rescues underscore a sense of commitment. His loyalty might not be expressed in conventional terms, but it’s etched in the moments where he actively ensures your safety. If you kill him despite the good he’s done, it’s a shame. And for now you can’t spare him without either siding with him or knocking him out,” they explained. 

Despite the OP’s thorough argument, though, there was one detail that other players couldn’t get past. 

“The deal breaker for me is refusing to give Orpheus any chance. I can’t in good conscience execute someone who has been an unspeaking, unwilling prisoner throughout the whole game,” a fan commented. 

The way Baldur’s Gate 3 presents the choice to you is that you can either side with The Emperor or rescue Orpheus. Players believed that while the OP had some good points, saving Orpheus would ultimately be the better choice in a good playthrough. 

This especially because The Emperor is adamant that saving Orpheus is the wrong choice, and he actively gets angry with you and threatens you if you decide to help the Githyanki Prince. 

If you want to know more about the difficult choices in Baldur’s Gate 3, you can read about how to get the Leave No One Behind achievement and the moral dilemmas other players are judging you for.

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