Baldur’s Gate 3 player discovers how Wyll can stay human without killing Karlach

Emily Stander
Karlach and Wyll in Baldur's Gate 3

Most “good” choices in Baldur’s Gate 3 come with some kind of consequence, and if you want to keep Karlach in your party, it’s likely Wyll will turn into a Devil. However, one player has discovered how to work around this issue. 

Meeting Karlach in Baldur’s Gate 3 presents you with two choices: Kill her, or convince Wyll to spare her life. If you spare her, Wyll will inevitably be punished by Mizora, and she turns him into a Devil. 

The only way to keep Wyll human is to kill Karlach, and this is not an optimal choice for many players. However, one has discovered that you can work around this by knocking Wyll out in camp every night. 

“The only way I found throughout Act 1 was to knock Wyll out before touching the bedroll to long rest every single night,” ‘FranLivia’ explained on Reddit. “In Act 1 the Mizora cutscene won’t play when Wyll is knocked out.”

When they reached Act 2, Mizora did not mention Wyll not killing Karlach and only asks to rescue her associate in Moonrise Towers. So, it turns out you can keep Wyll human and save Karlach, but you just need to knock him out every time before you long rest in Act 1. 

The reason this would work is because Mizora’s cutscene in camp cannot play if Wyll has been knocked out, so she never shows up for his punishment cutscene. 

There were some other methods players could use to do this previously, including killing Karlach and resurrecting her after Mizora appears in camp. However, players confirmed that this doesn’t really work anymore and has been patched out. 

So, it’ll take a lot of effort, and it doesn’t seem to have much bearing on the story outside of keeping Wyll’s appearance as he originally was. But, if you ever wondered if this was possible, now you have your answer.