Who is Apex Legends Mobile’s new Legend? Fan-favorite character spotted in-game

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Apex Legends Mobile is getting another addition to the roster, and fans seem to have spotted the fan-favorite character in-game with the Diamonds in the Snow event.

Apex Legends Mobile released with a brand-new Mobile exclusive Legend Fade on May 17, 2022. This left PC and Console players slightly jealous, wondering whether these mobile-first Legends will ever make it to the HD versions of the game.

Having said that, Respawn Entertainment have already teased the new character coming to Apex Legends Mobile, and those familiar with the Legends on PC and console may know exactly who it is.

Apex Legends Mobile’s new Legend

Apex Legends mystery characters

Apex Legends Mobile got a new limited-time event on June 6, 2022, which didn’t just give players an opportunity to gain some free rewards, but also teased a new Legend.

Make sure you check out our guide on how to complete the Diamonds in the Snow event in order to see the new Legend teasers and obtain free rewards.

The event description states that a “mysterious Legend is coming,” hinting at who it is with a wolf logo. Those familiar with the PC and console versions of Apex Legends will know this Legend very well.

Apex Legends Mobile’s new Legend will be Loba, the Translocating Theif whose abilities are all about looting and escaping sticky situations.

Apex Legends Loba abiltiies

apex legends loba on storm point
  • Tactical:
    • Burglar’s Best Friend – Teleport to hard-to-reach places or escape trouble quickly by throwing your jump drive bracelet.
  • Passive:
    • Eye for Quality – Nearby Epic and Legendary loot can be seen through walls. The range is the same as the Black Market Boutique.
  • Ultimate:
    • Black Market Boutique – Place a portable device that allows you to teleport nearby loot to your inventory. Each friendly or enemy Legend can take up to two items.

Loba would fit into the Apex Legends Mobile roster nicely, bringing a support playstyle to the game, allowing everyone on the team to stay stacked up on ammo and great loot.

There you have it, that’s all there is to know about Apex Legends Mobile’s new Legend Loba who may be coming to the game in Season 2.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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