This Apex Legends Crypto buff idea would give him Warzone Advanced UAV ability

Apex Legends character Crypto aiming a pistol

Apex Legends character Crypto was introduced back in Season 3, and despite his lack of power, he’s a character that hasn’t received many changes. Some players have come up with a buff that might make him more viable in the current meta.

In Apex Legends Season 10, Seer originally had strong dominance on the Legend pick rates until his recent nerf. As Seer showed just how strong the Recon class of Legends could be, some players have been thinking of making Crypto stronger.

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Although some players out there can get the most out of his abilities and succeed, one player thinks they may have come up with a solution for his weak kit.

Apex Legends Crypto Character

Crypto changes have been in the works for some time now, mostly because his pick and win rates have been low for many seasons now. Crypto’s kit revolves around his Drone, which ultimately takes players out of the action, which is not the greatest playstyle against a mobility heavy meta.

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Reddit user zips_exe posted their idea regarding a Crypto buff for the community to debate whether their idea would be suitable or not.

The idea is simple, “When Crypto scans a beacon or a champion’s banner, nearby squads get revealed on the mini map (just like when you activate the satellite in the “Map Room” on KC.”

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This would mean that Crypto and his team would gain information on the nearby enemy’s locations, including what direction they are facing. This would activate when Crypto scans a beacon or when the drone is viewing a champion’s banner and would provide the character with an ability similar to that of the powerful Advanced UAV streak in Call of Duty: Warzone.

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Although it doesn’t sound like a huge change, this would definitely add another dimension to Crypto, making him much more powerful when it comes to positioning and rotating.

Some players in the comments seem to disagree with the idea of a buff, believing Crypto is strong “in the right hands.” It is true that Crypto can be great with a certain playstyle, especially in the hands of highly skilled players. This is why Crypto is often seen in the ALGS, Apex Legends’ competitive esports scene.

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Although some may disagree, the developers have previously confirmed in Reddit AMAs that the character will receive a rework. However, it may not look like the suggested Warzone Advanced UAV idea.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment