Revenant skin glitch causes invisibility in Apex Legends Season 8

Nicholas Sakadelis
Apex Legends Invisible Glitch

According to multiple online posts, Apex Legends Champion Revenant is now appearing invisible to other players in-game, making for some confusing gameplay.

Apex Legends Season 8 is off to a hot start with new features like the gold magazines, no-fill option, and the ranked play changes. However, like with any major game update, it comes with brand new bugs, including an invisibility glitch centered around the new Revenant anniversary skin.

After encountering it, Reddit user ItsChris2608 posted his experience in-game, where he is maneuvering an area, looting around, until he spots a muzzle flash to his right.

It appears the muzzle flash came out of nowhere, but it prompted him to immediately shoot in the direction of the shot, hitting an invisible enemy.

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When the shot connected, just a few seconds later the enemy could be seen, coming back into full view after being completely invisible. You can watch the video below.

We can only imagine how confusing this situation must’ve been for the Reddit poster. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to see an enemy shooting at you, especially up close. What makes things worse is that this bug may actually be game-wide, and not just restricted to the anniversary Revenant skin.

Per a comment on the thread, user yungdevth states “It’s not just Rev. I’ve seen different legends go invisible mid-fight, I’ve also gone invisible, and even my teammates will go invisible from time to time.”

This is further confirmed by another user, who confirmed the same was happening on PS4, even to his teammates.

Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the bug and the thread, this doesn’t seem to be a rare bug at all. We’re sure it will be eventually on Respawn’s radar, but until then, players should be vigilant in-game.

You never know if you’ll run into an enemy you can’t even see.

Image Credit: Respawn