Players discover OP Apex Legends Newcastle technique for getting banners

Joseph Pascoulis
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Apex Legends players have found an extremely strong method for getting their eliminated teammates’ banners back with the Season 13 Legend Newcastle.

Apex Legends players have had a week with all the new content in Season 13. Just like any seasonal update, the patch notes brought a variety of buffs and nerfs, as well as a brand-new Legend, Newcastle.

This new Defensive Legend has made quite the impact in Season 13, and players haven’t even mastered him fully yet. In fact, it was just discovered that he could be used to get banners from dead teammates extremely efficiently, which may actually be a bug.

apex legends newcastle

For those unfamiliar with Newcastle’s abilities, his Ultimate, Castle Wall, can be used to lock onto teammates and place a defensive wall at their location. Newcastle can perform this at a maximum distance of 75 meters.

What players have begun to notice is that not only can Newcastle lock-on and leap to a teammate’s deathbox, but he can actually do it over the maximum distance of 75 meters.

Reddit user RossBobSquirrel demonstrated this in their post on the Apex Legends subreddit sarcastically stating that “Newcastle can fly.”

As you can see from the clip, Newcastle launches himself a ridiculous distance of 200 meters onto a teammate’s banner.

This is definitely a bug, as the Ultimate even glitches out and doesn’t put the Castle Wall down. It also only resets the Ultimate charge to 70%, which is obviously not right. However, the fact that Newcastle can do this means he is actually a very strong Legend when it comes to survivability and bringing back the team.

As this is a glitch, the devs will likely remove the distance and reduce it to 75 meters, even though some in the comments are begging the devs not to patch it: “I beg the gods of Apex to not patch this.”

Even if it is fixed, Newcastle will still be incredibly powerful at obtaining teammates’ banners with his Ultimate, as it allows him to not only have some protection but also get the banners fast before they time out.

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