NICKMERCS thinks Apex Legends players need more incentive to grind ranked

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends ranked badges

Popular Twitch streamer Nicholas ‘NICKMERCS‘ Kolcheff believes Apex Legends needs more incentive for players to continue grinding ranked, offering a potential solution.

NICKMERCS made the switch to Apex Legends after becoming dissatisfied with Warzone, and although the release of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 may shift that for the streamer and many others, at the moment he’s focussed on Apex.

Along with other top players, NICKMERCS enjoyed to the Ranked Leagues grind, destined to reach Apex Predator. The Apex Legends ranked grind is a long and tough one. The only reward players get is a Dive Trail, Holospray, Badge, and Weapon Charm.

This has led to NICKMERCS believing that Apex needs more to incentivize players to continue grinding ranked and playing the game at the highest level.

On stream, NICKMERCS gave his thoughts on the topic, saying that apart from grinding to “number 1 Pred,” players can try and full send and get “as many kills as (they) can,” but apart from that, there isn’t much incentive for top players to continue grinding.

NICKMERCS believes that Respawn Entertainment need to introduce incentives such as “skins, on your guns, character skins…in Fortnite they had Back Bling, in this you can do like a specific Heirloom if you do well.”

NICKMERCS feels there are “so many things” that Respawn can do to incentivize top players to grind ranked, and if the above doesn’t work, the streamer feels a “unique tournament” with a “prize pool” could also do the trick.

The Twitch affiliate goes on to say, “it wouldn’t be ALGS, but it would be like a sweat sesh…you can have a tournament at the end of every split with the top players in Ranked,” which he feels “a lot of Pros would care” about and want to grind out.

No doubt these ideas have potential, but there’s no telling whether or not Respawn will introduce something like this, especially as they’re probably more focused on spending time and effort on future seasonal content and Season 14’s Collection Event.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment