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NICKMERCS will be “brutally honest” if he thinks Dr Disrespect’s game is trash

While fans are eager to get their hands on Dr Disrespect’s DEADROP, NICKMERCS claims that it’s still too early to praise the battle royale.



Dr Disrespect NICKMERCS deadrop

Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff assured his viewers that he’d be brutally honest when trying Dr Disrespect’s highly anticipated DEADROP for the first time, even if the battle royale failed to impress.

Dr Disrespect’s Midnight Society gaming studio is currently developing its very first title. The game in development is a vertical battle royale titled DEADROP, and players were treated to their very first look at the game at the beginning of August.

Given Dr Disrespect’s immense popularity, it’s no surprise that DEADROP is garnering a ton of hype. It’s not often that gamers attempt to make their very own game, but Dr Disrespcet has players excited at the prospect of the upcoming battle royale.

Despite the general excitement, fellow top streamer NICKMERCS has urged players to pump the brakes before heaping praise on the yet-to-be-released game.

Prior to this comment by NICKMERCS, DEADROP’s initial gameplay reveal earned a ton of flack from the gaming community due to Dr. Disresepct’s claims that his game looked way better than Modern Warfare 2.

When fans got their first look at DEADROP’s visual quality, they didn’t easily forget Doc’s bold claims. Nonetheless, a ton of excitement remains for the title, proving the age-old adage that even bad press could be good press.

Even NICKMERCS has had his say on the topic after one of his viewers claimed that Dr Disrespect’s game would do things differently and innovate. In his August 14 video, NICKMERCS can be heard issuing a warning to his viewers: “Listen, be careful with The Doc game gas alright? It’s so early!”

The Twitch superstar then joked that the game seems far from finished and that he “might be 50 years old when that s*** comes out.”

A viewer then asked Nick if he’d be honest with the Doc if DEADROP turned out to be trash.

Nick assured his viewers that he wouldn’t compromise his trademark honesty to appease a fellow streamer: “Oh yeah. If you’re in my stream, the one thing I feel you guys should know by now is that I’m brutally honest. It’s hard for me to hide if I don’t like something.”

While the initial reaction to DEADROP’s visual quality was poor, there’s still a ton of time for the developers to work on polishing the game and listening to community feedback. Given his experience in the gaming industry, Dr Disrespect certainly understands the key factors behind DEADROP’s eventual success or failure.

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Image Credit: Image Credit: Midnight Society / Dr Disrespect / NICKMERCS