NICKMERCS thinks Apex Legends devs needs to “make changes” to ranked

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Nicholas Kolcheff, also known as ‘NICKMERCS’, has shared his opinion on the new Apex Legends ranked system in Season 13, stating that the devs need to “make changes.”

Since hopping over to Apex Legends from Warzone, NICKMECS has continued to get involved with the community and develop his skills in Respawn’s battle royale game.

NICKMERCS has been grinding the new ranked system in Apex Legends Season 13 and achieving high ranks. The community has been split about the ranked changes, with some pros praising it, while causal players seem to be suffering.

NICKMERCS has shared his opinion on the new ranked system, stating that it needs a change.

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In a recent stream, NICKMERCS spoke about the state of Ranked Leagues in Apex Legends Season 13. The streamer has been enjoying the new ranked system in Apex Legends, stating that the grind and tough games against those who are better is “what ranked mode is all about.”

In response to those complaining about the new system being too hard, NICKMERCS implies that he doesn’t feel bad for those players struggling, except for those who are “playing solo.”

The popular Twitch streamer says “the only things I feel bad about is if you’re playing solo and you don’t have a team, I think it’s really tough right now and I think that they [the devs] do need to make changes. I don’t know what the changes are, but they do need to make changes.”

Ultimately, NICKMERCS feels the devs need to make changes to the current rank system for these solo players, as it’s “miserable, it’s so hard to play.” At the same time, he does question why these solo players don’t have a team:

“Why are you playing solo? I have questions man, every f****** shooter I’ve ever played in my life since I was twelve years old I’ve had good teammates. The f*** are you doing playing solo?”

Clearly, NICKMERCS feels that those playing solo should rethink and try and find a team to have a better experience for the time being. However, he also feels that changes need to be made to accommodate those who play solo, as there will definitely be legitimate reasons.

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