Is there a fix for Apex Legends “UI Images ran out of room” error crashing games?

Hamza Khalid
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The Apex Legends community is encountering an error message which crashes games and players are wondering if there’s a fix for the UI Images ran out of room’ error.” We’ve got the answer right here.

Apex Legends players have encountered plenty of glitches that have strange effects on gameplay such as spawning unlimited loot, and error messages also tend to pop up and cause problems.

One notable problem that’s currently preventing players from enjoying the game is the “‘”UI Images ran out of room” error message that crashes the game. Understandably, Apex Legends players are looking to fix this issue.

Is there a fix for Apex Legends “UI ran out of room” error? 

At the time of writing, there is no fix for the “UI ran out of room” error in Apex Legends. In October 2022, one EA respondent stated that this error wasn’t one that they had frequently encountered.

The “UI ran out of room” error has been plaguing the game in Season 15, with an increasing number of reports of crashes coming from PC players. The term “ran out of room” may infer that your PC doesn’t have enough resources to run the game properly.

Catalyst in Apex Legends

It may be related to your PC’s RAM or having too many processes running at the time of playing Apex Legends. A few players have suggested making sure that your browser is closed and checking to see if anything is eating up resources while you play.

However, this isn’t guaranteed to work, as players have still come across this message. Currently, this error appears to be limited to PC players, so it shouldn’t be a problem on PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as the Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like an official fix for this error message is on its way anytime soon. Once a more definite solution is implemented, we’ll be sure to update this piece with that information.

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