How to unlock Heirlooms in Apex Legends

Hamza Khalid
Bangalore's Cold Steel heirloom in apex Legends

Apex Legends players frequently try to unlock special cosmetic items for their characters, but none are rarer than Heirlooms. Respawn have added more of these to the game over time, so you have a better chance of unlocking them.

Apex Legends has a plethora of amazing collectible content, and some of the rarest item types that players frequently seek are Heirlooms. These unlockable cosmetic items are basically unique melee weapons for Legends.

You have a less than 1% chance of getting them with every Apex Pack that you acquire. So you’ll have to be extremely lucky to get one without spending money on it. Here’s everything you need to know about Apex Legends Heirlooms.

Bangalore's Cold Steel heirloom

How many Heirlooms are in Apex Legends?

Initially, only one Legend had an Heirloom in the game, and that was Wraith. This was the case for a while after Apex Legends first launched, but then Respawn slowly brought more items for different characters.

So far, nine of the Legends have their own Heirlooms in the game, which come with their own unique items. Bangalore’s Cold Steel is the latest and added to the game in the Chaos Theory Collection event.

Here are all of the Apex Legends Heirlooms:

  • Wraith – Kunai (A black blade with a glowing purple edge)
  • Bloodhound – Raven’s Bite (An axe with a glowing red edge)
  • Lifeline – Shock Sticks (A pair of defibrillator sticks)
  • Pathfinder  – Boxing Gloves (Blue boxing gloves with screens on them)
  • Octane – Butterfly Knife (A green knife with Octane’s signature stim)
  • Mirage – Too Much Witt (A golden trophy of Mirage)
  • Caustic – Death Hammer (A hammer shaped like a skull, equipped with gas)
  • Gibraltar – War Club (A hatchet with glowing, fire-like elements)
  • Bangalore – Cold Steel (A pilot’s knife with glowing gold elements)
Kunai Heirloom in Apex Legends

How to unlock Heirlooms

Initially, you would unlock Heirlooms by opening Apex packs, but you’d still only have a less than 1% chance of scoring one with each pack. You’d have to purchase 500 packs to ensure that you’d get an item, but the overall process worked at complete random.

However, the developers implemented an Heirloom Shard system in February 2020. Now you can save up the shards you receive to unlock an Heirloom set. This way, you won’t have to worry about the spontaneous nature of the process.

You can acquire Heirloom Shards by opening Apex Packs. You can earn packs by leveling up your account, but they are also available for purchase at $1.00 per pack. If you’re not willing to pay, then keep playing until you eventually get one.

Pathfinder's boxing gloves in Apex Legends

Heirlooms in Collection events

Apex Legends Collection events often unveil new Heirlooms as well. You unlock it by collecting all 24 items in the Collection during the event.

After the event ends, the Heirloom will become part of the new season of Apex Legends. At that point, you will be able to obtain that item with shards or in Apex packs.

That covers everything you need to know about Heirlooms in Apex Legends. These items extremely difficult to acquire, which is why they’re highly sought after. So try getting one for yourself, and who knows? You might get lucky.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment