How to complete Apex Legends Bangalore Chronicles quest in Season 12

Joseph Pascoulis
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Respawn Entertainment have added a new Chronicles chapter for Bangalore that sees players completing tasks such as a new Firing Range challenge.

After leaks surrounding Apex Legends’ Firing Range in the past couple of weeks, along with some crazy details about unreleased Legends and a new BR map, the Warriors Collection Event update has brought another Chronicles event to the game.

Previously, players completed tasks in-game as Bloodhound to complete a lore-related quest known as Chronicles. Now, Bangalore has one, and the first step involves the Firing Range.

Apex Legends Bangalore’s Chronicles quest: Prologue & Scout of Action Challenge

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The first chapter of the Apex Legends Bangalore Chronicles quest sees players having to make their way to the Firing Range, where they will find a new structure to interact with next to the Heavy weapons.

In order to complete the first chapter players will need to do the following:

  1. On the lobby menu, flick through the event pages on the right side of the screen until you reach “The Williams Send Off.”
  2. Select “View Story Tracker” and click Start on the Prologue.
  3. Select Bangalore and enter the Firing Range.
  4. Interact with the new gun holster structure in the Firing Range.
  5. After the short cutscene/animation, do your best to hit 35 targets within the 60 second time limit.
  6. Return to the lobby screen and redeem your rewards.

Bangalore Chronicles rewards

To reward the player for completing the first chapter in the Bangalore Apex Chronicles quest, players will receive a new loading screen and tracker for all Legends.

There will be a total of four chapters for Bangalore’s Chronicles quest, with the next arriving on April 1. We will be updating this piece as more chapters are released so stay tuned!

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment