Ghosts haunt Apex Legends players on Olympus After Dark map

Hamza Khalid
Pathfinder in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players jumping into the new Olympus After Dark map are experiencing strange paranormal activity as ghosts pop up at different POIs to spook them.

October 4 marked the start of the Fight or Fright event in Apex Legends, and Respawn Entertainment have brought a plethora of brand-new content to get players into the Halloween spirit.

One of these new additions is Olympus After Dark which is a nighttime version of the regular map. As players explored this location, they discovered something creepy emerging from the shadows.

Apex Legends player ‘Aethira’ shared a clip on Twitter of their gameplay on Olympus After Dark, and they were shocked to discover a large number of ghosts popping up around the Rift POI.

These supernatural beings have a glowing blue appearance, and they only show up for a few short seconds before disappearing again. So, it’s easy to miss one if you aren’t paying close attention during the Apex Legends match.

They aren’t just restricted to the Rift POI either as other players reported seeing them at different points on the map. One user encountered a ghost at Elysium and they mistook it for a glitch.

These ghosts aren’t the only dead creatures roaming around the map, as the Shadow Royale mode pits players against previously eliminated enemies. These opponents appear in Shadow Form to hunt surviving players.

This is a fun easter egg for Respawn to include as it fits perfectly with the Halloween theme that the Olympus After Dark map is going for. It remains to be seen if there are any other hidden surprises for players to discover.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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