Brilliant Apex Legends Octane trick makes sliding even more powerful

Hamza Khalid
Octane in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players have discovered a clever Octane trick that you can take advantage of when using the game’s sliding mechanic to confuse your opponents.

There are 19 different characters for you to choose from when playing Apex Legends, and Octane is the ideal choice for players who value speed. This speedster is capable of moving around faster than most other Legends.

Now, a few players have discovered a trick involving Octane’s speed and the battle royale title’s sliding mechanic that lets you confuse your opponents during close-range combat.

Apex Legends Octane trick for more powerful sliding

Octane taking a selfie in Apex Legends

Reddit user vinkker highlighted this trick in the Apex Legends subreddit. It makes use of Octane’s Tactical ability Stim, which grants you a temporary speed boost at the cost of some health.

After using the Stim, the speedster’s walking speed is increased to the extent that he can begin sliding without needing to run. This also ensures that you can even slide when aiming down sights.

However, the Redditor warned players that this trick only works with Pistols and Shotguns. “I checked if it worked on SMG but doesn’t,” wrote vinkker. However, they explained that the trick is “extremely good for 1v1s.”

Many other users were impressed with this trick, but some of the comments pointed out that it’s not easy to do if you’re not used to sliding and shooting at the same time. “Yes and I hate it, miss all my shots because of it,” said one commenter.

You can also experiment with other Apex Legends characters to discover similar new tricks like this, including the Ash and Valkyrie combo that lets you fly around the map, and Wattson trick that catches enemies in a deadly trap.

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