Bizarre Apex Legends bug keeps players from finishing off enemies

Hamza Khalid
Firing a weapon in Apex Legends

A new glitch has popped up in Apex Legends, causing players to be eliminated mid-animation as they attempt to eliminate downed enemies.

Apex Legends players have dealt with their fair share of bugs and glitches over the seasons. From server issues to cheaters and hackers, in-game problems tend to pop up and ruin their playing experience.

Bugs can be particularly irritating when they kick players from matches for seemingly no reason, and a new one is doing just that. Players have been getting killed in the middle of animations while attempting to execute downed foes.

Eliminating downed player in Apex Legends

Reddit user Real_SovietUnion highlighted this issue in the Apex Legends subreddit. The clip showcased a downed player taking out two fully armored enemies that were attempting to finish off their character on the Worlds Edge train.

The opponent that tried to perform a finisher was instantly killed mid-animation for seemingly no reason. Their ally then realized what had happened and attempted to finish off the downed player as well, only to meet the same fate.

This greatly confused the Reddit user, as this shouldn’t have happened. At the time of writing, this post has garnered over 1,500 upvotes.

While we don’t know exactly why this glitch happened, it’s seemingly related to performing finishers on downed opponents. The two players were pushed through the side of the train mid-animation and presumably killed.

This glitch could be restricted to the World’s Edge train, and it may not affect many players. However, we still hope that Respawn Entertainment look into it and come up with a fix for the problem soon.

We will update this piece with any information regarding Respawn’s fix for this bug when it is officially made available.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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