Apex Legends: Watch Pathfinder’s “Stories from the Outlands” episode

Hamza Khalid

Respawn have released the new episode of Stories from the Outlands a week ahead of the Fight Night collection event. Check out the episode to find out more about Pathfinder’s history, and how this will tie into the collection event.

Apex fans can learn more about the lore and history of their favorite Legends in the Stories from the Outlands official video series. which dives into the lore and history of the game’s unique characters. Right after the one for Horizon, we’ve gotten one about Pathfinder.

He was confirmed to be getting a new look since Town Takeover will be all about him during the Fight Night event. Now that the latest installment of the web series has been released, you can check out his new outfit for yourself.

Pathfinder wearing new hat in Apex Legends

Pathfinder’s Stories from the Outlands

The latest installment of Stories from the Outlands was first promoted on the Apex Legends’ official website on December 23. They published a blog post with the description and thumbnail of the video included.

The description reads: “Not everyone makes it twelve rounds. Watch the latest installment of the Stories from the Outlands – “Fight Night”.

Respawn then released the video at 8AM PT / 11AM ET / 4PM GMT on December 29. This episode gives us some insight on Pathfinder, and is an entertaining piece. You can watch it below:

This episode is connected to the Fight Night event. We found out through teasers that the Town Takeover will be in the form of a Pathfinder boxing arena, and you can see these on the Olympus map in-game.

We will see the arrival of the Apex Legends Season 7 collection event in about a week. It will most probably take place on Tuesday, January 5.

Collection Events have been an Apex Legends tradition since Season 1. They serve as an opportunity to see all the new skins, challenges, and daily objectives that Respawn have planned for us. We’ll keep you updated when it goes live.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment