Apex Legends Shadow Royale: Start date, how to play, Olympus After Dark, more

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Apex Legends Shadow Royale will be available during the 2022 Halloween-themed event. Here’s everything there is to know, including the start date, how to play, and challenges.

Apex Legends Season 14‘s new 2022 Halloween event sees the return of Shadow Royale, a spooky mode that the fans adore due to its high-octane, thrilling gameplay.

With the modes return, many new to Shadow Royale are wondering how it works, and what kind of challenges to expect for it, so here’s everything you need to know.

Apex Legends Shadow Royale start date

The Apex Legends Shadow Royale mode will return twice in the Fight or Fright Halloween event, with its first appearance occurring on October 4 until October 11, being replaced by Gun Run.

The mode will then return again on October 25 and remain until the event’s end on November 1, giving players two opportunities to catch the fan-favorite mode.

The mode kicks off four weeks of entertainment in the Fight or Fright Halloween event and will be played on Olympus After Dark, which is a new nighttime version of the map that sees a blood moon handing over the city in the sky.

How to play Shadow Royale

Hosted by Revenant, Shadow Royale will be available to all players as an LTM. You will be able to select the mode on the lobby screen the same way you can change between Battle Royale and Arenas.

The mode is simple, players will drop into a map just like any other trios game, except when a player is eliminated, they return in “Shadow Form” to protect their squad.

In Shadow Form, players have enhanced movement capabilities similar to the Titanfall games, such as faster running, wall-running, and double jumping. When you are in Shadow Form, the goal is to try your best to protect your teammates from other enemy squads and shadows.

While you are a shadow, you only have a melee attack, so make the most of your enhanced movement speed and unlimited lives to overwhelm enemy teams. You will be eliminated from the game if all members of the squad become shadows. The last squad left alive with a living member/members will take victory in this mode.

That’s all there is to know about Shadow Royale in Apex Legends Season 14. For more, check out how to get the Apex Legends Twitch Prime rewards for this month.

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