Apex Legends Rampart exploit makes Sheila Ultimate even faster

rampart holding sheila in apex

Not only has Rampart’s Sheila Ultimate been improved in Season 10 thanks to the Evolution Collection Event update, but a new exploit has been discovered that makes it even more powerful.

Rampart is currently the talk of the town, quite literally, as she is in the middle of a town takeover during the Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event.

The Apex Legends character is the focus of the latest major update and, alongside a whole host of buffs and nerfs to various aspects of the game, players can now grab her Heirloom.

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She has had several aspects of her character altered during the update, including her Sheila minigun. Not only that, but it seems like an inadvertent exploit has also been discovered that increases the effectiveness of Sheila too.

rampart watching sheila in action

Typically, like any minigun, if a player tries to use the Sheila Ultimate, there will be a momentary delay whilst the gun revs up and spins.

But a method has been discovered by Reddit user lessenizer that reduces the rev time enough for it to become a big difference in battle.

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They found that if you aim down sight with a “fast-handling gun” and then immediately pull out Sheila, the minigun will spin a lot quicker than normal.

There is a noticeable difference between both examples that lessenizer shows and the quick ADS method is very worthwhile.

The OP said: “In this video, the difference is 1.75s (for regular rev up) vs 1.517s for the faster rev up. And that faster rev up is started with a gun out, so this is way faster than doing a regular swap (without ADS-ing) and then revving, although I haven’t actually timed that yet.”

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In FPS games, milliseconds are crucial, and Rampart’s already powerful Ultimate becomes even more destructive with this exploit.

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Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment