EA employee accused of stealing & selling Apex Legends accounts

Joseph Pascoulis
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An Apex Legends player has accused an EA employee of stealing their account and selling it off to make a profit, suggesting they have done it to multiple players.

Apex Legends players should be feeling pretty excited for the game’s future, especially since Season 11 was announced, promising fans a brand new map Storm Point, as well as Legend Ash.

Having said that, it isn’t all sunshine, as one player has accused an individual, which they believe may be an EA employee, of stealing accounts and selling them off to make their own “side business.”

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Bloodhound and bird in Apex Legends

The player accusing the possible EA employee is karankhushalani, claiming that their account is one of many that has supposedly been stolen and sold off. The post is very long and detailed and even has some links to screenshots which the user claims as proof of the EA employee’s apparent theft.

Essentially, the player had a stacked account, with “60,000 kills, multiple Predator and Master badges, 9 heirlooms, and 650 legendaries,” and is claiming this is the reason his account was stolen. The player met a “random guy” while playing in EU servers who was impressed by his account.

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The player then showed the random teammate their skins and Heirlooms on a Discord stream. An hour later, the account was hacked, and even after getting it back through EA support, the account email was changed once again.

The player who he claims hacked his account reportedly stated they told him that they work for EA, and that he knows the EA support worker he has been chatting to, stating the worker’s name which he shouldn’t have the information about. The player has gone back and forth trying to claim their account back to no prevail.

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The support lines told him there was nothing they can do and in no way the person that is hacking him is associated with EA. Fast forward, the player finds an EA customer service rep and they are also dumbfounded at what is happening to the account.

The player’s account is banned for cheating and then it is almost immediately overturned, adding fuel to the possible EA employee claim: “At this point, I’m more and more sure that he’s an actual EA employee gone rogue.”

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The player is still fighting to get their account back and claims that even some customer service employees are starting to think it could be someone within the company. Further, the user also claims that this same hacker has committed the theft to several other players:

“Also I have a friend of a friend who has had a 4 heirloom account stolen from him by the EXACT same person (we matched discord ID’s) and I found 10 similar threads with the exact same circumstances while googling this.”

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However, these are just claims and are in no way confirmed pieces of information. It is possible this hacker could just be saying he is an EA employee to aggravate the victim, An EA developer named Brad has now reached out to karankhushalani to help with the situation, assuring them that the company is looking into the situation.

We will update this story with any further information if any is made available.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment / karankhushalani

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