Apex Legends pro reveals best weapon to get 4k damage badge in Season 14

Joseph Pascoulis
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For those looking to get the 4k damage badge in Apex Legends Season 14, popular content creator and pro iiTzTimmy has revealed the best weapon to use.

In addition to performing great in Apex Legends Ranked Leagues, receiving rewards such as Dive Trails and weapon charms to show off your rank, player badges are also a great indication of skill.

Players can display various achievements on their banners with badges and trackers, showing how many kills they have on a certain Legend, or maybe even their win streak in Arenas.

One of the most illustrious badges is the 4k damage badge, obtained after a player reaches 4,000 damage in a single match. A lot of players will grind for this badge, making tactical choices about which Legend to choose and which weapon to use.

Luckily, popular Apex Legends content creator and pro iiTzTimmy has revealed what he thinks is the “secret” to getting a 4k damage badge in Apex Legends Season 14.

The weapon iiTzTimmy believes is the secret to getting high-damage games in Apex is the Longbow, as the pro manages to get 4,892 damage in a match.

This may come as a surprise to players, as the Longbow isn’t exactly the most popular weapon, but with the addition of the Skullpiercer Hop-Up, it can be an absolute damage machine if you’re accurate.

The great thing about the Longbow is that it isn’t too difficult to judge in terms of bullet drop, so as long as you get some practice with the weapon in the Firing Range, you should be golden.

The Longbow also does excellent damage, hitting for 55 damage to the body, and even more to the head, especially with Skullpiercer.

As iiTzTimmy is on PC, and using a mouse and keyboard, you may find that using the Longbow with a controller is slightly more difficult. If that’s the case, ensure you have the best controller settings for Apex Legends to get the most out of the weapon.

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