Apex Legends players think that OG Legend is better than Newcastle in Season 13

Newcastle and mystery legend in Apex Legends

Newcastle has had a major impact since his arrival in Apex Legends Season 13, but players have explained the reasons why they prefer to play as one of the OG Legends.

Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors brought a plethora of content for players to explore, and the most notable change in the seasonal update has been the addition of the brand-new Legend Newcastle.

This Defensive Legend provides aid to allies when they find themselves overwhelmed and has made a major impact in the current season. However, Apex Legends players have decided that one of the original Legends is better than Newcastle.

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Newcastle Apex Legends

Lifeline is a Support Legend that revives her teammates in combat and is one of the most popular characters in Apex Legends, with players calling for the developers to bring buffs for her.

Many in the Apex Legends community were concerned that the arrival of Newcastle would push Lifeline out of the meta, but it seems that players have decided that they prefer the OG Legend’s ability set.

Reddit user ‘Salt_Concentrate2937’ made a post in the Apex Legends subreddit, pointing out that Lifeline now has a higher pick rate than Newcastle. The replies in the thread explained why players prefer the original medic.

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One user praised Lifeline’s ability to fight back while reviving her teammates: “Being able to shoot and revive at the same time is an amazing asset.” They pointed out that she can use gunfire and grenades to handle enemies during the revival process.

The same player then pointed out that this becomes more difficult when playing as Newcastle: “The enemy team can use that time to push into a position where they can finish the fight. This happens most of the time when you take a revive with Newcastle.”

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Another commenter claimed that Lifeline is being picked more than Newscastle because her ability set is “more solo-friendly,” so players have to face less of a learning curve when playing as her.

This makes her more appealing to new players who are looking to pick a Legend whose abilities are easy to get a grasp on. Thus, Lifeline is more likely to be picked than Newcastle by those players.

While this thread features a ton of praise for Lifeline, a few players still had nice things to say about Newcastle, with one user claiming that the new Legend is better suited for teams and solo players.

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One of the commenters stated: “Newcastle’s kit is way better for a team or as a solo player… the only thing I can think of she has the advantage in is hitbox size”.

There are a variety of different opinions in this thread regarding both Legends, but Lifeline has been getting extra appreciation from the Apex Legends community. The devs have no plans to change her in Season 13, but we might see her get buffed in Season 14.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment