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Leaked Apex Legends Lifeline skin could bring wingsuits to the game

An Apex Legends leak has revealed a Lifeline skin with a wingsuit that has players questioning if they will be introduced into the game.



apex legends lifeline wings

New Apex Legends leaks have revealed that an upcoming skin for the combat medic Lifeline could feature a wingsuit.

Apex Legends players have seen quite a few leaks during Season 13, including recent footage of the unreleased Laser Sight attachment, and details for the upcoming Awakened Collection Event.

Even more unreleased content has been revealed by leakers, with the latest showing a new skin for Lifeline, which could hint at wingsuits coming to the game.

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Usually, players drop into Apex Legends by skydiving towards the map, using landing jets to ease their fall. We’ve seen other ways in which battle royale games drop players into a match, including wingsuits in Call of Duty’s previous battle royale game, Blackout.

Now, the latest leaks for Apex Legends have revealed a brand new skin for Lifeline, which may hint at a wingsuit being introduced into Respawn’s battle royale.

Reddit user Crusaderishere brought this unreleased Lifeline skin to the community’s attention, asking if this skin will have a unique wingsuit animation.

Others in the comments gave their opinions on the matter, with one entertaining the idea of “Unique skydive skins.” Players already have skydive emotes, so perhaps this is a unique skydive emote for the skin, or it is a bundle with a skydive emote that includes the wingsuit.

It’s unclear what will happen with this Lifeline skin and wingsuit, but perhaps it will be released in one of Season 13’s events, or maybe even coincide with Lifeline’s Town Takeover.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment