Apex Legends players furious with “illegal” Black Friday sale prices

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends black friday sales

Apex Legends brought some new Black Friday deals to the in-game store recently and not all of the community is impressed.

Apex Legends has always been known for having great cosmetics. As a free-to-play game, cosmetic items and Apex Packs are a way for the developers to continue working and making great content for players.

Having said that, some players have been looking into the Black Friday deals and may have uncovered some interesting details about the prices.

apex legends black friday sale

Reddit user try-nerf-this looked into the Octane Laughing Fool bundle, comparing its price to the previous year’s Black Friday sale.

For those that don’t know, both the Octane and Wattson skins have been available in all three of the Apex Legends Black Friday sales. This is another chance for those who missed out on the previous two years to finally get their hands on these rare skins.

Unfortunately, many are not happy with the Octane bundle, claiming the devs have changed the original pricing.

In the post, the player highlights the Octane skin bundle in this and last years Black Friday sales. The original price of the bundle has changed. Many are claiming it is illegal “to market something as on sale when it had never been sold at the previously listed price.”

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There may be a method for companies to get around this issue, and perhaps there is a time span for when the price can change. One user even said: “You can’t sell a skin on Thursday for $5 then sell it on Friday for $4 as a 60% discount, but you can take it off the store for a month before hand and do it.”

So, although it may not seem legit, it doesn’t mean it is illegal and Respawn are trying to give players a bad deal. The devs have received a lot of stick over cosmetic pricing over the years, and in all fairness, they have previously changed the way Collection Events work.

Perhaps they will look into this issue and address it soon. If any new information is released, we’ll be sure to cover it. For now, check out how you can check the map rotation without being in game.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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