Apex Legends patch makes Vantage’s heal dash even more powerful

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends vantage and echo mid air

Despite Respawn Entertainment trying to fix Vantage bugs in the August 22 update, it turns out the patch actually made her heal dash glitch even more powerful.

Apex Legends Season 14 has been littered with bugs and glitches. From players not receiving their rewards to hiding in closed Supply Bins, the new season of Apex has brought some issues along with it.

With that said, one of the glitches that came with the new Season 14 Legend is Vantage’s heal dashing, which players discovered along with her ability to wall run and combine with Horizon’s Ultimate.

Heal dashing allows Vantage to use her Tactical Echo Relocation much faster than normal, skipping the animation and increasing the speed at which Vantage leaps towards Echo.

This is done by initiating a heal and then quickly using the tactical, resulting in a boost of speed and a quick jump to a new location. This has made Vantage very hard to track, moving in an unnatural and unintentional way.

The devs have picked up on the issue, and despite attempting to bring fixes for the Legend in the Apex Legends 2.03 patch, it turns out that the update has actually made this trick much more powerful.

As you can see from DIGVIBEZZ‘s video, the difference between the heal dash before and after the Apex Legends Season 14 2.03 patch is pretty significant, as the Legend is now able to perform the trick much faster.

Vantage can now heal dash at a greater velocity and therefore distance, making this movement technique much more broken and powerful than it was before the patch.

This was clearly unintentional, as Respawn actually introduced fixes to her Tactical in the patch, perhaps to remove the ability to perform this glitch.

Respawn will likely look to fix this glitch as soon as possible, as it seems to be causing distress among the community, with one comment under the post saying “anyone who does this should be banned. Stop sharing and promoting the use of clear exploits.”

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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