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Apex Legends players discover crazy Vantage wall run trick

Apex Legends players have discovered an incredible trick with Season 14 Legend Vantage which allows her to wall run.



vantage using her tactical ability in apex legends

With the brand-new Season 14 Legend, Vantage, Apex Legends players are getting to grips with her abilities, discovering that the Legend can actually wall run.

Apex Legends Season 14 is finally here, and it seems all the new content is attracting more players than ever, as the battle royale has officially reached its highest Steam player count.

Despite finding some glitches like characters having the wrong abilities and Heat Shields being placed on the characters’ heads, the launch of Season 14 has been very smooth.

Although the new season was just released, players are already finding incredible ways to utilize Vantage’s abilities, as the community discovers that the Season 14 Legend is capable of Titanfall wall running.

Skeptation is a popular Apex Legends content creator who often finds new tips and tricks in-game that give viewers more knowledge on particular characters and more.

When a new update as big as Season 14 comes out, which had many changes in the patch notes, there’s obviously a lot to unpack. What Skeptation has discovered, however, is a handy tip for Vantage which actually proves that the Legend can wall run.

In a clip posted by Skeptation, if there are obstacles in the way of Vantage and her companion, Echo, as long as she has a line of sight, Vantage will be able to maneuver around the objects and get to Echo in a fast and smooth fashion.

Vantage will actually wall run on objects in order to do this, meaning that the Legend can “sort of” wall run.

Wall running is an integral part of Respawn’s previous franchise Titanfall, so it’s not surprising to see it implemented into an Apex Legends character, even if it isn’t true wall running.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment