Apex Legends Legacy: Unreleased Bocek Bow skin recolors revealed

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends bocek bow

Apex Legends dataminers have revealed the latest images of the Bocek Bow recolors coming in the future, which may convince some looking to purchase one of the new weapon’s Legendary skins.

We haven’t had the Bocek Bow for very long. However, we have already seen it become one of the most overpowered weapons in the game and subsequently received a nerf to balance it.

During its time before the nerf, many players fell in love with the weapon and still use it after the update. Perhaps they also purchase one of its Legendary skins.

apex legends rampart bocek bow

New leaks from an Apex Legends dataminer reveal some future recolors for the Bocek Bow that may convince some players to purchase a Legendary skin or get those who have already purchased one excited for a future recolor.

Apex Legends Bocek Bow recolors

The dataminer responsible for the leaks is @Shrugtal, a very reliable leaker who previously revealed the War Games skins. Check out the unreleased Bocek Bow recolors for all of the Legendary skins in the link below.

The first image is a recolor of Night Piercer, originally a very stealthy, blacked-out skin with a hint of red. This recolor features a bright yellow and blue color scheme which is sure to pop and stand out, unlike the original.

The second recolor is for Meteor Shot, which is fairly similar apart from the new green accents, which replace the orange on the original. The primary color of the skin has also changed slightly from a dark deep green to purple.

The third recolor for the Bocek Bow is for Ivory Fire, the orange and white skin that goes so well with Rampart’s level 25 battle pass skin. This recolor is a light blue and yellow instead of orange and white, a very nice recolor for arguably the most popular Legendary skin for the Bow.

Lastly, we have the Tireless Timber recolor, which is very different from the original Legendary skin. The original has a classic wooden orange color to it. The recolor is bright and blue, featuring some purple and pink detailing.

How to purchase a recolor skin

apex legends bocek bow

Recolors can be purchased within the exclusive section of the in-game store. Recolors can only be acquired if players already own the original Legendary skin. If you don’t own the original, you can purchase it with Apex Coins or craft it with Crafting Materials and then get the exclusive recolor with Legend Tokens.

That’s all of the leaked Bocek Bow recolors for now, for more on Apex Legends stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and check out our recent article on the best strategies for every Arenas map.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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