Every Ranked change coming with the Apex Legends 13.1 patch

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Newcastle, Lifeline, and Bangalore in Apex Legends Ranked

Respawn Entertainment made controversial changes to Ranked with the Apex Legends Season 13 update, but it appears change is on the way as the devs announce entry RP costs are being adjusted with the Awakening Collection Event update.

Ranked is one of Apex Legends’ most popular modes, allowing players to see themselves improve as they climb the ladder. While Season 13’s new Legend Newcastle was praised, players were less than impressed with the Ranked Reloaded update.

Players feel the Ranked distribution is completely off this season, where Gold and Platinum players are going against Masters and even Predator players, and many blame the increased entry costs.

However, it appears that change is on the way with the 13.1 patch, as Respawn revealed their plans to lower entry costs across the board.

newcastle in apex legends season 13

While pro player Albralelie claimed Apex Legends Season 13’s Ranked changes will make you a better player, many players including top streamer NICKMERCS have been calling for change.

Luckily, this change is coming with the Awakening Collection Event on June 21, as Respawn’s recent blog revealed various tweaks and changes that they are making to the ranked system.

The biggest change coming is to the RP entry costs, which are being lowered by 10 points across every rank and division. The devs are also making changes to the Split Reset, which many had been complaining was now too harsh with the tougher ranked system in Season 13.

Not only are the RP entry costs and Split Reset being nerfed, but the RP players get for both high elimination wins and killing higher tier players is also being increased.

These changes should help both those who have been struggling with the new ranked system in Apex Legends Season 13, as well as benefit skilled players who have been getting low RP for playing well and eliminating enemies, and winning games.

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Apex Legends ranked changes patch notes

Check out the full patch notes for the Apex Legends 13.1 patch ranked changes:

Split Reset

This split’s reset is softer

  • 13.1 Split Reset: 6 → 4 divisions

Entry Cost

Lower entry cost

  • -10 RP across all divisions and tiers.

Diminishing Kill Values:

  • More RP for high elimination counts

Currently, the first three eliminations are worth about 100%. The subsequent three are worth about 80%, and anything after that is worth about 20%. We are changing it so each squad is worth about 20% less, while maintaining a minimum of 20%.  This will give winning teams with high eliminations about 40 to 60 more RP.

Hopefully, this will allow more high-skilled players to make their way to higher ranks and offer a more competitive player distribution. Whether it will fix the issue where Gold players are matching up against Predators remains to be seen.

Kill Tier Differences

The devs have also increased the Kill Modifier values by 50% from the values prior to the 13.1 patch, this means that players will get more RP for killing players who are in a higher tier.

  • More RP for killing players of higher tier

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