Apex Legends devs outline changes for Gold Knockdown Shield

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends gold knockdown shield

The Apex Legends devs have shared information regarding future Gold Knockdown Shield changes that the community has been begging for.

The Apex Legends devs are extremely receptive when it comes to listening to the community and making changes that the players would like to see. Since the game was released back in 2019, there has been an abundance of community-requested changes, including the recent overhaul of ranked.

With that being said, one of the devs recently spoke about the state of ranked, which also included some interesting points on the potential removal of Gold Knockdown Shields in Apex Legends.

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Apex Legend’s design director, Evan Nikolich, recently had an interview with The Loadout regarding the health and direction of ranked.

Within this interview, the dev was asked “should Gold Knockdowns be nerfed or removed?”

The Gold Knockdown Shield has always been a controversial item in Apex Legends, mostly as it can cause confusion towards the end of matches, especially in high-ranked games. When more than one player has a Gold Knockdown, it causes messy endings and results in teams winning slightly cheaply.

apex legends gold knockdown shield in firing range

In response, Evan said “I will not commit to anything at this time, but we are evaluating and changes will be coming in the future. So keep that feedback coming!”

Despite not giving much information away, the fact that we now have confirmation that they are evaluating and that “changes will be coming in the future” is confirmation enough.

The devs clearly hear the community and are working on the appropriate changes which will come in “the future.” The fact that the dev chose to say “evaluating and changes” suggests that the item won’t be removed, but rather tweaked. However, this is just speculation.

It’s unclear when this change will arrive, but usually, Respawn like to drop a change like this with a big update, so perhaps Apex Legends Season 14 is when players will see this Gold Knockdown Shield change.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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