Apex Legends dev responds to issue preventing teammates from requesting items

Liam Mackay
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A frustrating bug preventing Apex Legends players from seeing what items their teammates have requested has cropped up after the Chaos Theory update, and a Respawn dev has responded to the issue.

Apex Legends has perhaps the most complete ‘ping system’ of any battle royale game. It’s built for squad play, with each unique Legend having their own ability that they can combine with other players to become Champions of the Arena.

Every action can be communicated, allowing a team of random players to coordinate attacks, signal retreat, and discuss anything else they might usually say over voice chat.

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Apex includes the option to ping items and weapons in your inventory that you either need, or would like an upgrade for, and your whole team will see the items you’re missing. However, a bug that’s reportedly appeared after the Chaos Theory update is preventing players from seeing what items their teammates require.

Twitter user @xjas23, or Jasmine, got in touch with Jason McCord, Respawn Entertainment’s Design Director to highlight the issue.

“There’s a bug where it doesn’t tell me my teammates need the item,” described Jasmine. “The little guy icon above ammo [for example] isn’t there when it is actually something they need.”

“Sometimes it works but it’s been consistently not working since the Chaos Theory update,” they explained.


In response, McCord asked Jasmine to provide a video showing the issue. In the video provided, the game gives no indication that the player’s teammate needs ammunition, but when they pull up the inventory screen, the marker is there: “It’s also not just ammo, can be anything,” they clarified.

This will be extremely frustrating, especially when you’re the player in dire need of ammunition or shields, and there’s no way of communicating with your team to tell them.

McCord got in touch again to thank Jasmine for providing the video evidence. With it now being logged by a senior member of Apex’s design team, it’s likely that a fix is in the works for this frustrating bug.

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

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