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Annoying Apex Legends backpack glitch is nerfing Mirage

Respawn have updated the Gold Backpack in Apex Legends to carry more gear, but it’s also nerfing Mirage’s passive ability.



Mirage in Apex Legends

You can make use of the newly updated Gold Backpack in Apex Legends to carry more gear than before, but it comes with the adverse effect of nerfing Mirage’s passive ability as well.

There were a ton of new changes in the Apex Legends March 9 update, including a brand new Town Takeover event for Caustic. A few cosmetic changes were also part of this update, such as the altered Gold Backpack.

However, this update also came with some secret nerfs for characters like Caustic and Bangalore, and now one has also been discovered for Mirage, as equipping the Backpack will nerf his “Now you see me…” passive ability during battle.

Gold Backpack in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players can use Mirage’s passive ability to go invisible while reviving a teammate, and to spawn a hologram if the Legend goes down. This makes it ideal for getting out of overwhelming combat situations.

Unfortunately, equipping the Gold Backpack while reviving someone now adds a “charged” effect in the form of a glow that matches the color of their shield. This shows that a Guardian Angel revive just occurred.

This glow will stay on Mirage even if he goes invisible after reviving someone, which gives away his location to all nearby enemies, rendering the passive utterly useless.

This is probably just an oversight from the developers who forgot to disable the effects for when he cloaks himself, but it’s proving to be troublesome for Mirage mains until the developers fix it.

If you’re planning on jumping into a match as the Legend anytime soon, just keep in mind that this tempting item can ruin your stealth gameplay. Your best option is to steer clear of it, or to play as another character.

So far, Respawn haven’t addressed this bug, so it might be a little while before they issue an update patch that fixes the problem. We’ll keep checking for any updates regarding this situation, and will keep you posted about any news.

Image Credits: Respawn