Apex Legends dev responds to calls to make Throwing Knife permanent

Joseph Pascoulis
throwing knives in apex legends

Apex Legends players have been thoroughly enjoying the new Gun Run LTM in Season 14, so much so that they have asked the devs to make the Throwing Knife permanent.

The Apex Legends Season 14 Collection Event, Beast of Prey, brought brand-new content for players, including 24 Alien Vs Predator cosmetics and Loba’s highly anticipated Heirloom.

The update also brought a variety of changes to the game, including new animations for healing items, which players were quick to notice.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Beast of Prey Collection Event update is the Gun Run LTM, which is inspired by the classic Call of Duty mode Gun Game. The mode sees four teams battling it out until one team claims victory by cycling through every weapon.

The final weapon players need to get a kill with in order to win is the Throwing Knife, which is currently exclusive to the mode. However, during a Reddit AMA, a dev responded to calls for this Throwing Knife to be added into the game permanently.

After a Reddit user posed the question of whether or not the Throwing Knife “will be available outside of the ltm in the future,” Lead Game Designer Robert West gave an answer.

Unfortunately, Rob states that there are “no plans,” as the “throwing knife was designed as the final weapon in Gun Run and is tuned to be quite lethal!”

Having said that, the Lead Game Desginer does say that there are no plans “currently,” as well as going on to say that it would “probably need some changes when considering battle royale,” which gives players some hope.

Despite there being no plans, it’s clear that players would like to see a new throwable in the game, with users commenting on Rob’s reply saying “Another grenade type perhaps?”

We’ll have to wait and see what Respawn do in the future, especially as Apex Mobile introduced a Snow Grenade in a previous update, leaving PC and console players jealous.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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