Apex Legends dev responds to bizarre glitch making Heirloom Shards disappear

Joseph Pascoulis

An Apex Legends developer responded to a new bug that saw a player receive less Heirloom Shards than they were warranted.

Apex Legends’ Heirlooms are an extremely sought-after cosmetic in the game, as they have very few ways of obtaining them. A lot of players will get them through Collection Events, with the next set to be released in the Warriors Collection Event in Season 12.

If you’re lucky enough to get them in a pack, you will receive Heirloom Shards. However, a new bug is causing players to get the incorrect amount and the devs have responded.

apex legends heirloom shards

Usually, when you obtain Heirloom Shards through a pack, you will receive 150 of them. This then allows you to purchase one Heirloom from the Mythic store, giving you the choice to obtain one of the available Heirlooms, or save up for one that is yet to be released.

Reddit user MyExScars highlighted an issue they experienced which caused them to receive only 50 Heirloom Shards, which is obviously not right.

Users in the comments began to tag Apex Legends developers so that the issue would get some attention. Luckily, one dev actually replied.

The dev is RobotHavGunz on Reddit and is a Technical Game Designer at Respawn. They replied stating that they were “investigating” the issue. Not too long after this comment, the dev replied once again confirming that the issue had been fixed.

It seems the bug was caused by a “delay,” which ultimately meant that 100 of the 150 Heirloom Shards were not granted to the player. The dev also confirmed that they are looking at why it happened and also “options to prevent this from happening to others.”

Hopefully this bug doesn’t happen to any other players, because as the dev said in his comment, it definitely isn’t the “super special experience” they want you to have when you’re lucky enough to get Heirloom Shards in an Apex Pack.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment