Apex Legends dev confirms Crypto buffs following Season 11 Wattson changes

Crypto in Apex Legends

Respawn have confirmed that Crypto is scheduled to receive some major buffs in Apex Legends following the Season 11 changes to Wattson. Here’s what we know about these changes.

Apex Legends has a wide variety of different characters to choose from, and each of them have their own special abilities. Crypto is a Legend who is capable of scouting the battlefield with his drone and disabling foes during gunfights.

Unfortunately, the character has fallen out of favor recently and currently has the lowest pick rate in Apex Legends. This could be set to change though, as a Respawn dev has confirmed that Crypto will receive some major buffs following Wattson’s Season 11 rework.

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Respawn recently added some buffs to Crypto’s drone cooldown as part of the Apex Legends 1.82 update, and now it’s been confirmed that some more changes are on their way for the character.

“Devs have confirmed on Reddit that Crypto is going to get a rework or improvements in the future. No timetable yet,” tweeted streamer ‘XFactor.’ This was met by a response from Respawn Producer Josh Medina.

He confirmed that the Apex Legends developer who worked on the recent Wattson Season 11 rework will be helping improve Crypto with some major buffs in the near future.

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Respawn Entertainment pushed hard on making Wattson’s kit more useful and fun, as well as giving her some well-needed strength with the Season 11 buffs. Hopefully, they will achieve something similar for Crypto.

While Crypto has potential, he has struggled to compete with more popular Legends like Octane, Pathfinder, and Wraith. These new changes might change all of that and buff his popularity.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear exactly what these buffs will be and when they will be implemented. As with the recent changes to his drone, we will probably see his abilities improved so that they’re much easier to use.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment