Apex Legends datamine claims cross-progression could finally arrive soon

Joseph Pascoulis
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According to Apex Legends Season 17 leaks, the highly-requested cross-progression feature may be arriving in the game soon.

The Apex Legends Dressed to Kill Collection Event has arrived, not only bringing various changes like Horizon’s Heirloom, but also new code for dataminers to sift through.

Apex Legends dataminers are often fairly accurate at leaking content for the game early, being spot on about Horizon’s Heirloom arriving in Season 17 as well as some of the skins that were released with the Dressed to Kill event.

Now, dataminers have found code that strongly suggests cross-progression will be arriving soon, so let’s get into the details.

Apex Legends cross-progression leaks

Reliable Apex Legends dataminer KralRindo has revealed new in-game code added in the Dressed to Kill Collection Event which mentions cross-progression. According to the leaker, these are “new cross progression checks” which suggests “it’s on it’s way.”

Cross-progression is easily the most requested Apex Legends feature over the last couple of years and the devs have continued to confirm that it is being worked on, despite posing a difficult technical challenge.

Another reputable leaker responsible for many previous leaks such as the Broken Moon map has backed KralRindo’s claims, as they too found cross-progression mentions in the game files.

The code found by AG420 is different from KralRindo’s, and one of the parts of the code even says “CrossProgression_Enabled,” which certainly seems to suggest its close arrival.

Of course, these are just leaks so take them with a pinch of salt. However, these dataminers have been right many times in the past, so it’s very likely that these leaks are accurate, and players will see cross-progression soon, but we’ll have to wait for Respawn’s official announcement for confirmation.

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