Apex Legends’ “completely broken” hitboxes are ruining Legend abilities

Joseph Pascoulis
horizon in apex legends

Apex Legends players have noticed that the teammate hitboxes are broken, causing Legend abilities to be inaccurate and miss.

Apex Legends is approaching Season 15 fast, as the devs have started to hint at new content, as well as leaks and glitches also pointing towards a new BR map.

While a new season means new content, it also means bug fixes, improvements, and more. While Season 14 hasn’t been too bad when it comes to issues, players have noticed a frustrating issue with teammate hitboxes, and it’s unclear when this problem began.

Apex is all about teamwork, as combining your Legend’s abilities with your squad can shift the momentum in a fight and take you to victory. Unfortunately, players have discovered an issue with the game’s hitboxes which prevents great team plays.

Apex Legends content creator Mokeysniper put a post up on Twitter highlighting an issue with teammate hitboxes in Season 14.

In the clip, Mokey shows how “Teammate Hitboxes are completely broken and 3-4x wider when interacting with friendly abilities.” The Apex Legend player explains that this is “why your Horizon Ult and Jump-pad get blocked by Teammates so damn often.”

Ultimately, this causes Legend’s abilities to miss and become interrupted by teammates even when they are clearly not in the way. This is due to the hitboxes being oversized.

In the clip, Mokeysniper shows the issue occurring with Octane’s Jump Pad, Mad Maggie’s Wreaking Ball, Mirage’s decoy, Horizon’s Black Hole, Crypto’s Drone, and Fuse’s Knuckle Cluster.

Mokeysniper explains the issue further in the comments of the post, saying that “it’s also widely inconsistent,” as it doesn’t happen for all Legends/abilities, and “on Tacticals there’s no rhyme or reason.”

It’s important to note that the clip is shown with Gibraltar as the teammate, who obviously has a larger hitbox than other Legends in general. However, it’s still not right that the hitbox is interacting with these Legend abilities much further out than the actual character model.

We’ll have to wait and see what Respawn do about this issue or if they even address it. As and when they do we’ll make sure to keep you update so stay tuned and check out who the most popular Legends are in Apex Legends Season 14.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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