Apex Legends Black Friday sale: Skins, bundles & offers

apex legends black friday sale

The Apex Legends’ devs have decided to give the in-game store a Black Friday sale, with deals on Apex Packs, Coins, and skins.

For the third year running, Apex Legends is getting a Black Friday sale. In replacement of the highly anticipated Market collaboration, there will be a variety of new offers.

Apex Legends Season 11‘s Black Friday sale will see some classic skins for both Legends and weapons returning.

For those interested in the sale, here’s everything you need to know.

When is the Apex Legends Black Friday sale?

octane and wattson black friday skins

The Black Friday sale will begin right after the Market Collaboration ends in the store, which will be at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT on November 23.

The sale can be found on the in-game store of the Apex Legends lobby menu. Simply scroll over to the “Store” tab and you’ll find the “Black Friday Sale” within the “Exclusive” section.

Black Friday skins, bundles, & offers

wattson dinomite skin

For the previous two Apex Legends Black Friday sales, players have seen the Legendary Octane Laughing Fool and Epic Wattson Dinomite skins.

It seems for the third year running these rare skins will be returning yet again, giving those who wanted the skins but maybe missed the last couple of Black Friday sales a chance to obtain them.

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That isn’t all though, as there will also be a variety of other offers available. Here is everything that will be available in the Apex Legends Black Friday sale:

  • 2021 Legends Bundle
  • Dinomite Wattson Bundle
  • Laughing Fool Bonus Bundle
  • Rescue Bundle
  • Hardline Bonus Bundle
  • Diamond Bundle
  • Aligned Vectors Bonus Bundle
  • 50 Pack Bundle
  • 100 Pack Bundle
Apex Legends Apex Pack

The 2021 Legends Bundle is a set of skins for all four of the Legends that have been released this year: Fuse, Valkyrie, Seer, and Ash. The Rescue Bundle includes Lifeline, Kraber, and Alternator skins that all possess the “Rescue” theme.

This year’s Black Friday sale will also include a new bundle, the Aligned Vectors Bonus Bundle. This will include a brand new Valkyrie skin for players.

Remember, if you already have an item from a bundle, the bundle will be discounted, meaning you can receive the other items at a lower price.

That’s all for the 2021 Apex Legends Black Friday sale. For more, check out a crazy new exploit that allows Pathfinder to fly around the map.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment