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Apex Legends players want Halo: Infinite’s awesome Battle Pass feature

Apex Legends players are asking for Respawn to implement the Battle Pass system from the upcoming Halo: Infinite.



Spartans in Halo Infinite

Apex Legends players are calling for Respawn Entertainment to take inspiration from Halo: Infinite’s unique new Battle Pass system, which lets players collect rewards from previous seasons.

The highly-anticipated Halo: Infinite is garnering excitement ahead of its November 2021 release. It’s been rumored that the game will have a battle royale mode, so fans tend to compare it with other BR franchises.

Halo: Infinite’s brand-new Battle Pass system has caught the attention of fans, as it comes with a unique feature. Now, Apex Legends players are asking Respawn to take notes from what that game is doing.

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Reddit user Waterc0w expressed their admiration for Halo: Infinite’s Battle Pass system. It comes with a feature that lets players pick up rewards that they may have missed in previous seasons.

This has been missing in the Battle Pass systems of its competitors, and Waterc0w called for Respawn to try something similar. “Can we have the same system in Apex Legends please?,” said the Redditor.

Adopting this Battle Pass system would grant you access to cosmetic rewards that you may have previously missed out on in Apex Legends.

While many users are on board with this idea, others are vehemently against it because they want long-time players to be rewarded. One player suggested implementing it with some restrictions.

“I don’t hate this idea, however, it should cap at 100. Let that 110 be exclusive, stops people crying about the exclusivity of skins whilst letting those who missed it get a version of the cool animated skin they love.”

While it’s too soon to tell if Respawn will ever implement a system like this, the Emergence Battle Pass is different from any of the previous seasons, and you can check out the best ways to rank up fast in Apex Legends Season 10.

Image credits: 343 Industries / Respawn Entertainment