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Apex Legends missing level-up rewards are finally returning

The Apex Legends developers have finally fixed the Season 14 glitch causing rewards to go missing after leveling up.



Bloodhound in Apex Legends

The Apex Legends developers have rolled out a fix for the strange glitch that was leaving players with missing rewards after surpassing level 500 in Season 14.

When Season 14 went live, many Apex Legends players reported a strange glitch that would prevent them from receiving the correct rewards after they had successfully leveled up in the game.

This issue was mainly affecting players that had gone beyond level 500 in the battle royale title. After receiving numerous complaints, Respawn confirmed that they were investigating the problem.

After confirming that they had identified the main cause of this issue, Respawn Entertainment tweeted on August 24 that a fix for the missing rewards glitch has been implemented in Apex Legends.

The devs announced: “We just started rolling out a fix for the missing level-up rewards in @PlayApex, and they should show up in your inventory next time you launch the game. Thanks again for sticking with us through this one.”

Respawn’s senior community manager ‘Kalyrical’ gave players a more detailed update about the glitch in the Apex Legends subreddit. They stated that the game has “many different systems” to keep track of players’ levels, rewards, and overall progress.

They then explained that the glitch was caused by these systems getting “mismatched” when updating the level cap. The fix didn’t require a new update patch to be rolled out and was implemented through the back-end systems.

All missing level-up rewards from levels 500 and above will be given to players after they log in, and Kalyrical reassured players that the system will automatically prevent this issue from happening again.

While fixing this problem took Respawn a little longer than they had initially hoped, it’s reassuring to know that they pay attention to player feedback and are willing to respond to issues right away.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment