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Secret Apex Legends buff makes Wattson’s Ultimate portable

A secret Wattson buff has been found in the Apex Legends Season 14 update that makes her Ultimate ability portable.



apex legends wattson and her interception pylon

Apex Legends players have discovered a powerful secret Wattson buff in Season 14 which makes her Ultimate ability portable.

Apex Legends Season 14 has introduced a variety of content and changes, from major buffs to Mad Maggie, to the brand-new Legend Vantage making her mark on the roster, despite what the pros may think about her kit.

As well as the official buffs and nerfs for Season 14, more changes are made by the devs that aren’t detailed in the patch notes. This is the case for Wattson, as players have discovered a useful trick/buff that allows her Ultimate ability to become portable.

Wattson’s Ultimate is the Interception Pylon, which effectively acts the same as a Trophy System from Call of Duty. Any Ordnance or Legend ability that involves explosives or throwables is intercepted by the pylon and eradicated, making it an extremely useful defensive ability.

The biggest downside to Wattson’s Interception Pylon is that it can’t be moved once placed, meaning that players will have to stay near its position to gain its benefit.

In a game where positioning and mobility are key, being able to move this Ultimate would be extremely strong, and it seems the Season 14 update has made this buff, as Skeptation has discovered that it can now be placed on top of the Trident vehicle.

It is now possible for players to place Watton’s Ultimate on top of a Trident, making it portable as players can hop in the vehicle and drive around with the Ultimate still intact. This means that players can reposition with the Ultimate, making it extremely useful.

This is also great as it means that it will block Arc Stars aimed at your Trident, which would usually disable and damage those in the vehicle. It will also regen shields for all of those who are in the Trident.

Despite player dissatisfaction with Wattson’s fences, this is an extremely useful trick and a pretty powerful buff for Wattson on Storm Point and Olympus, which are currently the only maps with Tridents.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment