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Apex Legends pros call for major ring damage change after Season 14 update

The Apex Legends Season 14 update brought major changes to ring damage in the battle royale, which pro players are not too fond of.



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Apex Legends pros have called the devs out for the Season 14 ring damage change, claiming that it “doesn’t feel right.”

Apex Legends Season 14 brought some major changes to the battle royale, not only in the form of balance changes but also quality of life options and a buff to zone damage.

For Season 14, the devs decided to increase the amount of damage players take in the first ring collapse, making it harder for players to withstand the zone, and forcing players to rotate earlier.

Apex Legends pros have had a lot to say about the Season 14 update, from sharing their opinions on Vantage to now being frustrated with the ring damage change.

The Apex Legends ring damage for round one increased from two to three damage in the Season 14 update, and professional player ImperialHal thinks “it doesn’t feel right.”

While on stream, ImperialHal stated that he has been playing the game since day one, and this change has made Apex feel “so f****** weird.” The pro goes on to say that he has been playing the game for three years and has never had to run from zone one until this change, claiming it is even preventing him from crafting off spawn.

ImperialHal isn’t the only one who feels this way either, as NRG’s Sweet also expressed similar opinions concerning the change, saying that his least favorite thing about the season is the “gas change.”

Sweet feels that the change is “too extreme even for f****** seasoned pros, and it kind of f**** with the pacing of the game too much.”

The Apex Legends pros do tend to influence changes to the game, especially for Ranked Leagues, as they are the ones who take it the most seriously. Perhaps Respawn will rethink this ring damage change according to the feedback.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment