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Apex Legends devs respond to bug making players’ skins disappear

After Apex Legends players reported they have lost all their cosmetics, developers have responded to those affected.



Apex legends bangalore skin

After Apex Legends players reported a bug that has removed all skins and cosmetics from their inventory, Respawn Entertainment confirmed they are investigating the issue.

We’re now well into Apex Legends Season 8, but the excitement has been dampened for an unlucky few. Players have been reporting that their skins and cosmetic items have vanished from their inventory.

With Apex Legends hosting regular Collection Events in which players can spend over $100 on Apex Coins to get the exclusive Heirloom melee weapon, this bug could have set players back hundreds.

Apex legends anniversary collection event

Apex Legends developers have confirmed they have received the reports, and Respawn’s Director of Community and Communications, Ryan K. Rigney, assured those affected that they are looking into the issue.

“Seeing scattered reports about a rare issue causing players to lose all their cosmetics/unlocks in Apex,” explained Rigney. “Team is looking into it, will report back when we know more.”

As this is a serious issue, some players were hesitant to log in again over the fear that they’ll also lose their cosmetics.

Rigney explained that there’s little reason to worry, saying that they’re “only seeing a few players affected out of millions. Either way, we’ll figure it out.” Although the issue isn’t widespread, it would be heart-breaking for those few players affected.

As revealed on Respawn Entertainment’s official Trello board where they track bugs and issues, it’s possible that they have discovered the root of the problem. The card says that the issue “may be related to changing email account associated with your EA Account.”

We don’t know if that really is the problem, but to be on the safe side we’d recommend leaving your associated email as-is.

Keep an eye on Charlie INTEL, as we’ll update you with any updates to this unfortunate bug.

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment