Apex Legends player uses Octane Stim exploit to reload instantly

Hamza Khalid
Octane kicking Caustic in Apex Legends

One Apex Legends player has discovered a new Octane exploit that lets them use the Legend’s Stim Tactical ability to reload instantly, giving them an unfair advantage in combat.

Apex Legends Season 11 brought plenty of new content for fans to enjoy, including the Storm Point map and all-new Legend Ash. However, players have also been discovering a few exploits.

One has been discovered with the speedster Legend Octane. A player discovered that they can use his Stim Tactical ability to reload their weapon instantly in battle.

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Octane taking a selfie in Apex Legends

This discovery came from Reddit user ‘ThatOneKachowa’ who showcased the exploit in a new post in the Apex Legends subreddit. By using Octane’s Stim ability, they were able to skip the reload animation.

The exploit involves using the Tactical ability while simultaneously reloading a gun. This will ensure that the bullets are instantly loaded into the chamber without having to finish the full animation.

ThatOneKachow revealed that this trick only works with a few select weapons in the game. These are the Flatline, Rampage, Hemlok, Prowler, CAR, P2020, RE45, G7 Scout, Longbow, and the Sentinel.

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The Redditor then explained that the exploit also has a small effect on other weapons. “On guns I didn’t show/list some did reload slightly faster but nothing to be noteworthy. Definitely going to be doing more testing,” they wrote.

While it isn’t quite game-breaking, this exploit is still extremely powerful and can influence who comes out on top in a game of Apex Legends. Since it gives players an unfair advantage, we might see the developers patch it up soon.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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