Apex Legends game-changing Octane nerf should help stop third parties

apex legends octane launchpad

Octane has been a very effective and popular Legend ever since his introduction in Apex Legends, but his strength may decline with the upcoming Evolution Collection Event update, where he will be receiving a major nerf.

The Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event is almost upon us. Not only will players be getting a new update filled with cosmetics, but there will also be various buffs and nerfs to Legends in the game to help the meta.

Octane has been a popular choice for some seasons now, dominating the pick rates despite receiving nerfs on Season 10’s launch.

However, it seems the devs haven’t been too happy with this trend, as Octane’s set to receive further nerfs.

Apex Legends Octane

The Evolution Collection Event will be released on September 14, with loads of changes being introduced for weapons, Legends, and even quality of life updates.

One of the biggest nerfs coming to the game is for Octane, which may potentially affect the frequency of third parties.

Octane will be receiving two big changes to his kit in the upcoming patch. Let’s get into the details of this highly anticipated Apex Legends Octane nerf.

Apex Legends Octane nerf in Evolution Collection Event

Reduced jump pad horizontal distance by 10% – 15%.

Octane’s jump pad is a huge part of his kit and arguably the most important ability of all. The jump pad allows for quick rotations and repositioning for the whole team, not just himself. However, the update will be decreasing some of its power, reducing the distance players can travel when sliding or crouching into the pad.

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For those who don’t know, players can either hit the jump pad while standing, which gives the player a more vertical direction, or take the pad while crouching or sliding to traverse further distances horizontally.

Perhaps the Apex Legends Octane nerf decrease the horizontal range for the jump pad will actually prevent players from being able to third-party fights as often and effectively as possible, especially when coupled up with Revenant.

Reduced the rate of Octane’s Stim regen from 1.5 to 1.0 hp/sec.

Apex Legends Octane nerf

This is another Apex Legends Octane nerf that may also affect the rate of third parties, but maybe just for the Legend himself rather than a whole team.

Previously, Octane has been able to stimulate and regenerate health very easily, allowing him to move around the map quickly and efficiently.

Now that his health regeneration will be nerfed, perhaps this will prevent Octane from being able to pull up on fights and shoot at teams as quickly as he previously could.

We’ll have to wait for the update to officially drop to see how effective each Apex Legends Octane nerf will be. For now, check out our article on some OG skins being leaked for release in Season 10.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment