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World Flipper tier list: Best characters in 2022

Don’t know which characters to use in World Flipper? Check out this tier list of the best World Flipper characters in 2022.



Rolf and Mia, two of the best characters in in World Flipper

The abundance of characters is what makes World Flipper so entertaining but it can confuse players during team building. If you want to excel in this epic Pinball adventure, use this World Flipper tier list to know about the best characters.

World Flipper’s Pinball-themed combat is undoubtedly unique, but to progress efficiently, you must be aware of the best characters. Not all five-star units are inherently good and not all four-star/three-star units are useless. Moreover, team synergy is equally important during battles and you can’t expect good results after pairing random units.

Knowledge of the best characters also helps in re-rolling which is a common practice in gacha games such as Blue Archive and Genshin Impact too. It is basically resetting your account until you get the best units for a kickstart.

On that note, here’s our World Flipper tier list.

World Flipper art work

World Flipper tier list

Our World Flipper tier list places characters in tiers ranging from S to E where S-tier units are the strongest while E-tier units are the weakest.

TierWorld Flipper characters
SMia, Nephtim, Vagner, Vyron, Celtie, Philia, Rolf,
ACagliostro, Amelia, Clarrise, Alice, Suizen, Sha Susu
BSonia, Inaho, Lunalu, Lanner, Ecreel, Bercetia, Azel,
CLeon, Shiro, Marukamo, Liam, Marianne, Arisa, Regis, Marina, Lazelt
DEliya, Alk, Asukirimaru, Finn, Orouru, Rams, Andy, Bianca, Dear, Eleanor, Mercel
EMino, Sharon, Rizelle, Hanabi, Helga, Jay, Jelal, Kira, Soushiro, Yuwel

The units in the S tier are really flexible and can be placed in a wide range of teams. We recommend using characters till the C tier as you can expect decent results with them. However, avoid using anyone placed in the D and E tiers and replace them as quickly as possible.

Do note that World Flipper’s meta is ever-evolving due to the release of new characters. Hence, you can bookmark this article as we’ll update the tier list regularly.

Best characters in World Flipper

Here’s some information on the best characters in World Flipper:


Celtie is easily the best Wind DPS unit in World Flipper, and you can use her as a leader to buff the damage of other Wind units. She excels with Wind teammates and can deal AoE damage with her skill.

Celtie in World Flipper


Vyron is an explosive damage dealer belonging to Darkness. He can buff the attack of teammates with his skill but as a leader, he gains 65% DMG buff for himself. Although Vyron isn’t really a team player, he’s powerful enough to clear challenges alone.

Vyron in World Flipper

Sha Susu

Sha Susu is the only three-star character that can compete and even outshine five-star units in World Flipper. Her support abilities are just too good to ignore as they increase the charging rate and as a leader, she can buff the skill damage of allies.

Cha Susu in World Flipper

Well, this was everything to know about the best and worst characters in World Flipper. For similar content on mobile games, check out our lists for the best teams in Dragon Ball Legends, the best decks in Clash Royale, and the best Cookies and the best Treasures in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Image Credits: Kakao Games