Vanguard devs accidentally leak new weapon that could hit Warzone soon

Nathan Warby
Vanguard Operator in Season 5

Vanguard Season 5 has brought plenty of new weapons to the game, but the developers may have accidentally revealed another new gun set to arrive later down the line.

Sledgehammer Games have clearly gone all out for Vanguard Season 5, the final chapter before Modern Warfare 2 becomes the main focus. Players have Umbrella Academy skins to unlock, as well a brand-new Zombies map to get stuck into.

On top of all of this, there are also some new weapons to experiment with, with the EX1 Energy Rifle and RA 225 SMG available at launch, and even more to come.

But it appears that the devs may have even more content planned as the season moves on, as players have spotted a hint that another new gun could be on the way.

Reddit user deathyw posted a screenshot from the Records tab in the main Vanguard menu, where players can go to check their K/D and performance with each weapon. Among guns like the Armaguarra 43 and BAR, they spotted a weapon that isn’t actually available in-game yet, the Chauchat.

This French LMG featured heavily in both the First and Second World War and even inspired the Ribeyrolles SMG from CoD WWII, so it would certainly make sense for it to arrive in Vanguard.

However, when the devs unveiled the roadmap for new weapons in Vanguard and Warzone Season 5, there was no mention of the Chauchat.

This has led fans to believe that the Chauchat could feature once Season 5 has ended and Modern Warfare 2 has been released. Although the latest CoD always becomes the primary focus, older titles still receive support as we’ve seen with Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War.

“My guess is it was supposed to be a for a hypothetical season 6. Think about it. This has happened with Modern Warfare and Cold War,” said one reply. “So we probably won’t get it for a while.”

If the Chauchat has already made its way into the menus, then it’s possible that the weapon is in the developer’s plans and we’ll see it in Vanguard one day. However, we’ll have to wait and see what Sledgehammer have up their sleeves once Vanguard’s lifecycle has ended.

For more on CoD Vanguard, take a look at the full Season 5 Battle Pass, and how to unlock the RA 225 SMG.

Image credits: Activision

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