Rocket League Sideswipe ranks guide: How to rank up quickly

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Rocket League Silver and Grand Champion ranks

Rocket League Sideswipe is a highly competitive action-packed game where you boast your skills with a rank. Here’s a guide to the ranked modes in Rocket League Sideswipe and how you can get to the top easily.

Rocket League franchised entered mobile gaming with Rocket League Sideswipe which is a game exclusively made for mobile gamers. The core mechanics remain the same as you win by scoring goals but there are certain differences in the ranked mode that you must know about.

Ranked modes are standard in multiplayer games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, Brawlhalla, Call of Duty Warzone, and others. Rocket League Sideswipe is no exception, as your rank improves when you win and skill-based matchmaking allows you to match with equally-skilled players.

Here’s everything to know about the ranks in Rocket League Sideswipe and how you can climb them.

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How many ranks are there in Rocket League Sideswipe?

There are seven ranks in Rocket League Sideswipe that begin from Bronze and go up to Grand Champion. Do note that each rank has five separate divisions where Division I is the lowest while Division V is the highest.

You must pass Division V of a rank to rank up in Rocket League Sideswipe. For instance, to reach Silver I, you’ll be expected to win games in the Bronze V division.

How do ranks work in Rocket League Sideswipe?

You gain XP after playing ranked modes in Rocket League Sideswipe which essentially helps in rank progression. The game has the following ranked modes:

  • Duel 1v1 – Score and defend goals while facing one opponent for two minutes.
  • Doubles 2v2 – You and your teammate score and defend goals while facing two opponents for two minutes.
  • Hoops 2v2 – You and your teammate score and defend basketball hoops while facing two opponents for two minutes.

Each of these modes has a separate ranked system implying that Rocket League Sideswipe players can access three different rank charts every season.

Accordingly, you can be a Grand Champion in Duel 1v1 but a Bronze in Hoops 2v2 as ranking up largely relies on the number of games you play and win.

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Tips to rank up quickly in Rocket League Sideswipe

While each match arrives with a different set of challenges in Rocket League Sideswipe, here are some tips to make your rank progression easier:

Duel 1v1 tips:

  • Keep a check on your boost and avoid consuming it entirely unless you’re certain about a goalscoring opportunity. Having boost saved for emergencies is always a game changer.
  • Hitting a ball with a jump grants 20 Points, saving a goal grants 50 Points, and scoring a goal grants 100 Points. Focus on these activities to get the most points and rank up quickly.
  • Learn skills such as fake challenging and ground pinching.

Doubles 2v2:

  • Yet again, keep a check on the boost.
  • Assign roles at the start of the game and focus on winning more than personal performance.
  • Save your flip.
  • With trustworthy teammates, you can try sticking on the ceiling and gathering boost to shock the opponents. This is a high-risk high-reward tip.

There are many generic ranked mode tips that apply to Rocket League Sideswipe as well. This includes being the MVP (best player) in every game and playing more to win more. Also, practice with Expert level bots if you ever feel the PvP competition is getting too overwhelming. Always remember, practice is the first and most important step toward improving in any multiplayer game.

Rocket League Doubles 2v2 match

This was everything to know about ranking up in Rocket League Sideswipe. For similar content, check out how many people play Rocket League, its cross-platform status, and how to unlock blueprints.

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