Roblox All Star Tower Defense tier list: Best characters in 2022

Aakrit Sharma
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All Star Tower Defense on Roblox offers a ton of unique characters which is great and confusing at the same time. If you’re struggling to come up with a strong defense, here’s a tier list of the best characters in All Star Tower Defense.

We’ve witnessed an unprecedented rise in the popularity of anime-based games on Roblox, and games like All Star Tower Defense have played a major role in it. While Attack on Titan Evolution, Last Pirates, and Project Ghoul feature characters from a single anime series, All Star Tower Defense brings characters from several series together.

On top of that, tower defense itself is a popular genre in the Roblox community. Tower Defenders, Tower Blitz, and Tower Defense Shinobi are just some of the many renowned games.

Considering that All Star Tower Defense provides players with the best of both worlds (anime and tower defense), it is no surprise that the game has amassed over 1 billion visits on Roblox.

Here’s a tier list of the best characters in All Star Tower Defenders that should help you progress efficiently.

All Star Tower Defense character raging

S-tier characters in All Star Tower Defense

These are unarguably the best characters in All Star Tower Defense and if you unlock them, they must be a part of your team:

Character TypeStars
Orange HeadGround6
Expert SorcererGround6
HashiramaGround & Air5
Jin MoriGround5
Old WillGround & Air 5
Dark WingGround6
Ice X-MarineGround & Air6
The BoysGround6
TokensGround & Air6
KosukeGround & Air6
ZioGround 6
BellmaGround 6
King of HeroesGround & Air 6
Zazashi Ground6

A-tier characters in All Star Tower Defense

Crow and Gate, two of the best characters in All Star Tower Defense

These All Star Tower Defense characters have some shortcomings that stop them from being placed in the S-tier. Regardless, they are still some of the best units in the game that won’t disappoint you.

Character TypeStars
The PathGround & Air6
Maid WaifuGround6
WaifuGround & Air5
Legendary BorulAir 5
Dungeon QueenGround6
Joke Da FoolGround5
Evil ShadeGround 5
ManiacGround & Air5
JackzonGround 5
BoxGround 6
KabutoGround 5

B-tier characters in All Star Tower Defense

The B-tier All Star Tower Defense characters are worse than the A-tier units but they can be used if you’re able to master their abilities and playstyle. Having said that, you’ll start feeling the power difference as these units can’t compete with S-tier characters.

Character TypeStars
Mountain CannonGround5
Future TGround4
Martial ArtistGround5
Blinding LightsGround & Air 5
Koku Black PinkAir5
Red Eye Warrior Ground5
Blond EsperGround 5
Flamin TigerGround 5
Super BooGround 5
Paper BeautyGround 5
Lucky GreenAir 5

C-tier characters in All Star Tower Defense

All Star Tower Defense character clapping with massive hands

We recommend replacing the C-tier characters as quickly as possible if you want to progress smoothly in All Star Tower Defense. Even skillful players will be at a massive disadvantage while using these units.

Character TypeStars
Boggi the ClownGround3
Dimensional AlienGround5
AirrenGround 5
Humble SwordmanGround 5
MinaGround 5
Plant ManGround 5
MaskiceAir 4

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D-tier characters in All Star Tower Defense

These are the worst characters in All Star Tower Defense:

Character TypeStars
Anti Magician Ground3
IkkiSingle 3
KokuAir 5
Hammer GiantGround 5
Yoshage KiryaGround 5
TogiGround 4
Koku BlackAir4

These were the best and the worst characters in Roblox’s All Star Tower Defense. Do note that the meta of the game is ever-evolving and accordingly, we’ll constantly update this tier list. Hence, to always be at the top of your game, bookmark this article and check it often.

All Star Tower Defense official art work

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Image Credits: Top Down Games

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