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Robux, the primary currency of Roblox, can get you everything in the game. From skins and clothes to accessories and emotes – you name it, Robux can buy it. So here’s how you can give Robux to your friends on Roblox.

With over 40 million experiences like  Mad CityAdopt MeBrookhaven, and Shinobi Life to choose from, Roblox is one of the best gaming platforms out there to play on with your friends. And what better way to show your appreciation than by giving them some Robux?

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But doing that is not so simple. You cannot just send your Robux to someone with a click of a button. Rather, you have to jump through some hoops. Here are the three ways to give Robux to your friends on Roblox.

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There are three ways to send Robux to your friends.

Send Robux through a Game Pass

If you already have Robux in your account and are looking to give away some, buying a Game Pass is one of the ways to do so. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. In your friend’s Roblox account which you want to give Robux, open the home page and click on profile.
  2. Click on the ‘Creations’ tab and open their default experience. It’s usually titled after their name.
  3. Make the experience public by clicking on the three-dot menu and then click on “Configure this Experience” where you’ll find the option to make it public.
  4. Open your experience again by going back to your profile and back to the creations tab.
  5. In the Store tab underneath the creation, click on “Add Pass.” 
  6. Then click on “Manage my experiences.” 
  7. Here you will find a cog icon to the right. Click on it and choose “Add Pass.”
  8. Upload any picture you like for the pass and set the price depending on how much Robux the recipient shall get since there is a 30% market tax on purchases.
  9. Save it and share the link to the pass with the friend who is sending Robux.
  10. Ask them to purchase this pass and the Robux will be credited in 3 days.

Send Robux through a group

Sending Robux through a group is one of the easiest methods but, you’d need to create a group for that. Here’s how to:

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  1. Set up a Roblox Group by clicking on the Groups tab on the left side and selecting Create Group. This will cost you 100 Robux.
  2. Add some funds to the group by creating a Game Pass as shown above and tell your friend to join the group. 
  3. After creating a pass, click on the configure group from the three-dot menu and select “Revenue.”
  4. Navigate to “Payouts” then “One-time Payouts” and finally to the “Add Payout Recipients” option.
  5. Enter your friend’s name and click on “Distribute”. The Robux should immediately show up in your friend’s account.

Send Robux by purchasing an item

This method of sending Robux is super simple but your friend should be in the Builder’s Club as special privilege is needed to list an item in the catalogue which can be only done if you are in the club. Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Ask your friend to create a donation item such as clothes and list it. Make sure the item uploaded is unique otherwise, it can lead to a ban.
  2. Search for your friend’s creation in the catalog and buy it.
  3. Your friend will receive 70% of the Robux since a market tax also applies here.

Some of these workarounds might be too time-consuming. In that case, you can buy a Roblox gift card from Amazon or any other reputed store and give that to your friends. We have a guide on how to redeem a Roblox gift card if you buy it. This way you can get your money’s worth. 

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